Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Face palm

I hate feeling like there is a battle to be won. But some times I just want to be better than other people. Not sure who will win or how to tell but damn, people suck. They suck so much that they make a person that hates competition (me) become competitive. 
I hate it. 
Why can't we all just get along. 

In other news I want new shoes. Ankle boots with large wooden heel. If you find in my size, please notify immediately. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life's a party, rock your body

This was pretty much my whole birthday. I learned on my birthday that if I need to be surrounded by people that love me, all I need to do is ask. The whole day I felt so happy, so loved and so full. 
The all amazing Eizelle made brunch. It was bad ass. There was pâté, there were cheese dips, everything was made from scratch and it all came from Eizelle's brain. And it was beyond delicious! 

On the plate, Eizelle's creation:
Potatoes-absolute must for breakfast/brunch 
Bacon-straight up nom
Kale-cooked into amazingness 
Eggs Benedict- my favorite breakfast meal. Love them so much! 
-Biscuits- made from scratch and love 
-salmon-caught in the Astoria bay by my mega boss. Done maple style. 
-hollandaise-made from scratch and love 
-poached egg- has anyone watched someone do this? It's so cool. I can barely make toast so watching someone cook eggs in boiling water. Ah-maz-ing! 

Just thinking back on that day, I start beaming, almost cry, and want to yell I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS! Um ya, best birthday, even a bunch of my co-workers came out.Thank you everyone! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Single lyfe

Things I've realized after staring at Facebook all day: 
I'll start with thank yous:
-not having a kid: Thank you for making me realize that I'm not strong enough to have one in my home. Every time I see a post about a baby 9 times out of 10 they reinforce my thought that they are mini drunk people. They have the verbal capabilities of a squirrel, can't hold down a job and defininitely can't master a toilet. 
-being single. Thank you for showing me I'm an independent eater. The post of I'm dying of starvation because my partner is away. Warning I'm going to be harsh don't read on- but if your over the age of 21 you can feed yourself. I'm not even going to pretend that I've always fed myself but I'm not going to be dramatic about it at age <25. FUCKING DEAL
-the secret: I joked that it was stupid but now that it worked for me one time I'm a believer. Once is enough. Like eating dinner alone. Disssss! 
I'll end with no thank yous: 
-dead things in general. 
-smelly smells 
-not being a morning person. I try so hard. :( 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I've been housesitting in vancouver for a couple weeks now and I still haven't found a place to eat. What?! 
Last week was the best week I've had in a long time. 
-I caught a dog that ran away from his family. 
-I went running 3 times! I've been stuck on 2 days a week. 
-I smelled out a fire at work. Amazing only because my nose fails me 99% of the day. 
-I bought really cute shoes! 
-AND I found a 70s cosmetic case at goodwill! It has the tray, the mirror isn't broken, and the fabric linning wasn't ripped or dirty! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Opsie poopsie

I've been without a phone for 24 hours. I haven't gone completely crazy but it's close. I tried getting my old phone to start up again but the password isn't working. Tomorrow I'll try going into a verizon store. My dad has an upgrade that he's not going to use so give it up verizon. The last verizon bitch told me that she "had to" get his old phone in order to do the upgrade on his phone number only. I call bullshit, bc you never have to do anything. 
Point is by tomorrow it'll be 48 hours deep and I'll be really close to wanting to die so I'll be really close to flying off the handle and they better give me what I want! 
It's already happening people, don't cross me! 
That's not even the worst part of the day, Seymour was going back to his parents and tried running back to me. He was pulled back and was literally scrapping his nails on the pavement. My black heart has one little spot of color. I miss that stupid little dog. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh nos!

So the hulu account I was using stopped working. Soooo, no more sailor moon. It was good while it lasted. Feel free to post your account info in the comment box. 
Anyway, I like lists so here is my list of Anissa's future CA visits: 
1) Thanksgiving: I can't remember the last time I had thanksgiving with my family. Since my life is about eating I'm surprised this isn't my favorite holiday. So I never really tried to make it home. Plus worst time to travel. Still not excited about this fact. 
2) April 2016: My cousin David's wedding. Should be a good shindig. I need an outfit. Not just any outfit, needs to be super mexican. It's not my rule, so don't judge me. P.s. I hope there are mariachis. 
3) Possibly July- family fun run? Wharf to wharf depending on my housesitting dates. 
4) September: family half! We're running the Disney dumbo challenge. 10k on Saturday and 1/2 marathon on Sunday. 2 medals! I'll start training.....later. 

And I think that's it! Maybe I should just move back to CA so I don't have to go back so much. Hmmmm  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Sailor Moon, you are such a puss puss. In the second episode her annoyingness (yes that's a word) hurts people, her crying knocks people out. Yep, just as terrible as I remembered. 
Things I learned:
- If someone says, "Now go tear up the rest of this town!" They're probably not a good person. 
- If you don't act more ladylike you'll never find a boyfriend!- oh tuxedo mask, you're like so smart and stuff.